Bryan White

June 10, 2014

  1. Another Day in the Sun
  2. Amen
  3. Call Me Crazy
  4. Born to Be Somebody
  5. Another Man's Shoes
  6. What I Already Know

"Another Day In The Sun"

I think I see the sunrise breaking through the clouds. I'm waking up to blue sky. Hey, it's finally coming through for me. Shine! Shine! Shine on! I've been riding out the rain for way too long. I'm soaking up my second wind, and rising up again, my best is yet to come. Yeah, Who says you can't have another Day in the Sun? I've got the windows wide open, basking in the moment.
Feels good, don't it? After all I've been through, it's my time to Shine....


I know we shouldn't miss church, but one Sunday won't hurt.
It's just one if those days
besides, I don't think the Man will mind if I take in something spiritual
right here, right now in your eyes.
Can I get an Amen?
I'm up for just laying in bed, shutting it down for once instead.
We've always got to be somewhere.
This feels like an answered prayer
So why don't we give that sweet red dress, you wear so well, the day off...
Can I get an Amen?
Every once in awhile, every now and then,
Can I get an Amen?

"Call Me Crazy"

You told me all I would need was a little time but, getting over you is still such an uphill climb. I know I ought to be living in the present tense but, the past I had with you was the last time my life made sense. Call me crazy for hurting this way, Call me crazy. Go on and say its a phase I'm going through. Call me crazy, crazy over you. I know you don't really mean to be so unkind but, pardon me if I'm not in the right frame of mind, to go on hearing how I should start all over again, face the future without you, I wouldn't know how to begin. You say I'm lost in a fantasy but, what we had was real to me. Call me crazy...

"Born To Be Somebody"

Back when I was just a kid
Daddy said let me tell you this.
You’re gonna be somebody someday.
Every time I look in your eyes,
I know my daddy was right 'cause I see the reason I was made.
All this time
I've been waiting wondering when
Hoping and praying but, Lord I think I've finally seen the light.
I was born to be somebody
Who will hold you for the rest of your life, promise you a dream or two, and make them come alive.
Finally found what I was put here for, what God made me to do.
I was born to be somebody.
Somebody who loves you...
Never felt like this before.
They don't make 'em like you anymore. You're better than I deserve...
All my life I've spent searching, waiting on love to pull back the curtain but, just one kiss from you made me believe...
Yeah I believe...
Ain't no way to get around it
That's just the way it is, when you're in love like this...

"Another Man's Shoes"

Play your rock n' roll on the stereo, push the cruise control, disappear into the groove.
Take the photograph, try to make it last, then the awkward laugh doesn't make it true...

Everyone's got their own set of troubles, Everyone's got their own set of blues, Everyone's got their own set of struggles...Walk a mile in another man's shoes

In her rocking chair playing with her hair, singing in the air, a midnight tune. She can't fall asleep, heart is on her sleeve, waiting in the call that never comes through...

If you ain't learned that by now, go ahead and walk another mile...

"What I Already Know"

Life has been a teacher, an enemy and a friend, and at times I’ve been a sinner and a saint.
I’ve been known to lose my temper, my patience and pride, but I’ve never lost my need to pray.

I don’t need some truth revealed to me, or some sacred thing to hold.
All I really need is just a little more faith
to believe what I already I know...

You said You’d never leave me, and You’d walk right by my side, but right now all I feel is alone.
Cause I can’t see Your angels, watching over me. Oh but Jesus loves me the bible tells me so...
I don't need some mountain to move for me, or some miracle to behold. All I really need is just a little more faith to believe what I already know...
I know there’s much bigger problems than mine,
but Lord if You get the time...
I don’t need the waters to part for me, or to get a glimpse of those streets of gold.
All I really need is just a little more faith to believe what I already I know...
The secret to walking down life’s road is to believe what you already know...