Bryan White

I'll let the fans be the final judge of the album. For me, personally, although I enjoyed the music and the engaging lyrics, I'm not sure all of the songs will easily fall under the country music umbrella. Having said that, I do think all of the songs are radio friendly and since he has such a devoted fan base, his songs should effortlessly find their way to the air waves. As for what kind of legacy White will leave us, well, after following his career for almost two decades and getting to know him as a person, I'm certain it will be, without a doubt, an honorable one. 

 *from his website:

In an interview with Ken Morton, Jr. he was asked: “What lies ahead for Bryan White? What other career or musical goals to you see for yourself down the road?" White's answers were honest and clearly from his heart. This is a great interview, if you would like to read the whole thing, you will find it on the Internet: HERE